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Shilpa Bhouraskar

About Me: Shilpa Bhouraskar

Hello, I'm Shilpa, a dedicated health and wellness consultant, coach, mentor, author, and entrepreneur. Beyond my professional roles, I am a proud mother, supportive wife, devoted daughter, classical dancer, avid reader, eternal researcher, and lifelong learner.

My Academic Journey

My academic journey led me to become a Homœopathic physician in India, graduating with a Bachelor of Homœopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S) in 1997. This foundational training has allowed me to integrate the best aspects of conventional and homœopathic models to benefit my clients. Over the past two decades, I've served as a homœopathic consultant, coach, lecturer, mentor, and supervisor, engaging with over ten thousand clients across various health conditions in hospitals and clinics in both India and Australia.

Leading the Homeopathy Network

Today, I lead the Homeopathy Network, connecting with over twenty thousand natural health practitioners and doctors globally who regularly employ homoeopathy. Through this platform, I share my successes, failures, and insights on different homoeopathic approaches with the Complementary and Alternative Medicine community.

Mission and Purpose

My mission, manifested through my homeopathic network, community, lectures, presentations, books, courses, and blogs, is to disseminate my learnings, provide tools and resources, and cultivate an empowered community of knowledgeable practitioners capable of offering the best in homœopathic care.

Personal Life: Beyond Professional Endeavors

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am also the wife of an incredibly gifted man and the mother of an exceptional child. Our shared commitment to growth and mutual support makes our dinner table conversations fascinating, ranging from subatomic particles to universal forces and beyond.

Explore our collective journey and insights at shilpatul.com.

Discover more about my personal accomplishments and experiences at shilpabhouraskar.com. Here, I share how I've achieved success in my chosen fields and the valuable lessons learned across all facets of my life.

My "Why"

For as long as I can remember, the joy of learning, exploring, and sharing has defined my existence. Life, to me, is a tapestry of new experiences and challenges, each recorded in my diaries. Revisiting these tattered journals brings immense pleasure as I relive the ups and downs and the aha moments of the past.

Childhood Years

Growing up in Mumbai

Growing up in Mumbai, India, I was immersed in a world of learning and exploration. Even as a little girl, I eagerly shared my daily discoveries with my parents. Coming from a large and talented family on both sides, I always found someone with similar interests for lengthy discussions.

Despite changing schools due to my father's work, each transition brought joy with new friends, teachers, and neighborhoods. High school, with its myriad extracurricular activities, allowed me to indulge my curiosity. The busyness of learning classical Indian dancing, singing, martial arts, horticulture, swimming, food and nutrition, batik and bandhani (a traditional tie and dye method), and crafting soft toys defined those formative years.

Reflecting on this period, I realize that my interest was never confined to a single pursuit. The thrill lay in boundless exploration rather than delving deep into one thing, and I cherished every moment.

Medical Training

Passion for Learning

My passion for learning took a profound turn when I embarked on training as a homoeopathic medical doctor. Six years of intensive exploration and experimentation with health and disease from both conventional and homoeopathic perspectives defined this transformative period.

This training opened up a new world, prompting me to delve into human anatomy, physiology, and psychology for hours on end. I explored the intricate interplay of the psyche in disease pathogenesis.

Under the guidance of experts in conventional and homeopathic medicine, I examined the clinical application and pros and cons of an integrative system. Specializing in psychosomatic conditions, I collaborated with psychiatrists using homoeopathy to gain a comprehensive understanding.

Establishing my clinic and working in charitable clinics under supervision allowed me to experiment and apply these approaches in real clinical situations. Beyond homoeopathy, my quest for knowledge led me to train in holistic and personal development fields such as yoga, Su Jok acupressure, Tai Chi, meditation, counseling, and Neuro-linguistic programming.

During intervals between clinic and hospital work, I actively shared my findings and case studies with colleagues through discussion groups, workshops, and organizations associated with my training and internship.

After Marriage

Meeting My Husband Atul

At 23, I met my husband Atul, and my life took a new direction as we embarked on an exciting project together. Combining his computer expertise with my homoeopathic practitioner skills, we conceptualized the prototype of a homoeopathic software. What began as an idea evolved into HomeoQuest, now utilized by thousands of practitioners worldwide through this site.

Transitioning to Australia and Embracing Motherhood

Early Years of Marriage

The early years of my married life involved frequent travel between India and Europe due to Atul's work as a software engineer for a German company. Despite the initial excitement of constant travel and work in three different cities in India between German visits, we eventually decided to settle in one place to pursue our long-term vision.

Choosing Australia, however, was not without challenges. Convincing our families and facing our worst fears became part of the journey. With no job secured and minimal financial resources, we took the risk to move to Australia independently.

The driving force behind our decision was the excitement of realizing a clear dream. Settling in a new country coincided with our decision to start a family. With Atul securing a job, I had the time and space to focus on myself and my developing baby.

Pregnancy marked the beginning of a profound personal journey. Delving into our desires as individuals and parents, we recognized the importance of sharing our gifts with the world, inspiring our child to do the same.

Living My Vision and Looking Ahead

Establishing a Life-Work Balance

Upon the birth of our son Smit, our priority was establishing a life-work balance that aligned with our long-term vision. This balance aimed to provide us with the flexibility to spend quality time with Smit while pursuing our individual passions.

Over the next seven years, our lives unfolded in unexpected ways as we ventured into remarkable projects and undertakings. Despite challenges, mistakes, and moments of frustration, the journey has been exciting and fulfilling.

In 2011, Atul and I crafted a business model that allowed us to work from home, providing the time and financial independence we sought. This decision not only strengthened our bond as a family but also opened up opportunities we hadn't imagined.

Currently, one of my sources of joy is developing a protocol for a charitable hospital in India, aiming to raise funds for clinical trials exploring the scope of homeopathy in children with mental and physical disabilities. This venture allows me to utilize my resources and experience in a meaningful way.

Atul is pursuing his vision through the creation of "YesCourse," a web platform enabling academies worldwide to take their training online and independent trainers to share their knowledge.

Explore the links on the left for insights into my current interests and projects. Some sections are well-developed, while others are still in progress, reflecting the evolving nature of my passions. If something resonates with you, and you'd like to discuss further, feel free to connect with me via email at shilpa@shilpa.me. I look forward to engaging with you.

Warmest Regards